First Session

Well, since this was my first time ever GMing, I think it went fairly well. We both made pen mistakes, and I tried my best with the log to correct all of those mistakes, but hey, I’m human.

I didn’t know if I wanted a more of a ‘journal’ for the chat log and for it to be read like a book, but I figured that I should put something down the day after my first session. This is the exact chat log, copy and pasted without all of the ‘un-needed’ things.

I’ll try another format when we play again and from there I’ll decide how I want do do these. Hopefully I’ll get input from others to see which looks better .

The only thing I had originally planned for this session was Asouna meeting the Mysterious Man and the strange end to their conversation. Everything else was totally improvised. I knew nothing much about the character, and this session allowd me to get to know her a bit more, which I think will be nice in the long run!

I am still unsure on how long this game will last: Her current ECL is 6, and I’d would like to hope that, keeping the pace we are going, it’ll last for a few years and end around level 20. My player said that she’s DM’d so much that the highest level as a player she’s evre reached is 11, and I hope to at least pass that as my goal.

I also apologise on how small the log was: I planned for a short session as it was my first time GMing and that I have the genes for the getting of Anxiety attacks, so I didn’t want to go too overboard with the length. I had intended to end at the Sunlight wakine up Asouna, but she insisted that we play a bit more. Everything past that was totally improvised, and I knew nothing of the temple that she grew up in. ‘It was literally going with the flow.’

So ends the first session! Comments from anyone are welcome, as well as advice.

First Session

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