A repentant Half-Fiend Paladin.


This half-fiend stands at 6’4", with slender black horns and red, scaled skin. A ragged cloak hangs about her shoulders which seems to move without the aid of wind. Dressed in chain, with the holy symbol of Pelor on a sash and hanging from a silver amulet around her neck. On her back is a great-sword in a leather scabbard. She looks at all before her with a calm acceptance.


Abandoned upon the steps of the Temple of Pelor in Quaewerth, Asouna was raised in the compound instead of being killed for her Fiendish blood. As she grew older, she railed against the establishment and spent most of her time causing trouble or intimidating the locals. The peasants of Quaewerth petitioned the Grand Cleric to ‘exercise the Deamon from their mists.’

Their pleas went unheard as the Grand Cleric continued to allow her to stay among the priest initiates of the temple. Her life continued in the same vain for many years, as she slowly became the terror of Quaewerth Temple. Her antics caused some of the normal petitioners to stop coming to the Temple and she often had people give her unfriendly stares, or she heard hurtful comments from them where ever she went, inside or outside the compound. She was only attacked once, while outside the compound, by a large human who was later brought to the Temple for healing and even after the Clerics healed him, he remained blind in one eye. Word spread of her vicious attack and soon guards came to take her to the jail; she spent a night in the cells and the next day, the Grand Cleric came and got the guards to release her into his care. She was then confined to the kitchens, when she was not sleeping or performing her usual duties.

She spent several months, working in penance for her vicious attack on the peasant, she finally got sick of the comments of the other initiates and priests of the Temple and decided to leave the temple. She raided the Temple larder and headed out, being chased by some of the kitchen staff. Once outside she tried to use the back alleys to get away from the dirty looks of the people and promptly ran into a tall, wiry human male. After a couple of taunts and insults, he beats her to unconsciousness, and later she wakes up in his home. He had patched her up, and later he gets her food and lets her stay with him for a few days. He was called Samuel and became her best friend, teaching her to lie properly and steal as well as getting her to be a distraction while some of the other street urchins stole from people and venders alike. She finally felt like someone was taking her seriously. The only flaw that Samuel had, in Asouna’s eyes at least, was that he was a follower of Pelor.

The two spent several months in each other company, when the had an incident in the local tavern; the Golden Bird, where Asouna came close to breaking the tavern-keepers arm. Sam and a Paladin stopped her, and she and Sam had an arguement. She spent several days trying to find a way to make it up to him, and was out wandering when she was stopped by the Paladin, who introduced himself as Sir Carlan. She tried to run away from him, and ended up heading to the only person she might be able to help her. Samuel. She hides in his home, where he welcomed her with a simple “Ya took yer sweet-assed time” before helping her inside. The Paladin, whoever, followed her inside and he and Sam started talking.

It took a couple of years for Asouna to find any worth in Carlan’s words, although she was often enthralled by his telling of some of the adventures he had been on, making even the most mundane mission sound like an epic struggle of Good verses Evil. She slowly calmed down, and often prayed with the Paladin, and learned to accept her Fiendish blood and repent of her previous misdeeds. After three years of Carlan mentoring her, she started to aspire to follow in the aging Paladin’s footsteps and started to study and follow the way of the Paladin’s of Pelor.

It took many more years for her to learn and follow the ways of the Paladins, but she thanks Carlan for helping her along the way and also for inspiring in her the love for a God. She considers Sir Carlan and Samuel her best friends and her greatest mentors in her early life. She only regrets that she was so resentful and hateful in her younger years and hopes that by becoming a Paladin and aiding those around her, she could truly make up for her bad beginnings.


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